The Samsung Galaxy S II is taking a turn down the Roman mythological road for its T-Mobile launch in the US, as leaked pictures of the Samsung Hercules have emerged.

It was rumoured that T-Mo may be missing out on the Sammy's big boy phone, with the Hercules originally rumoured as a stop-gap device. But not so it seems, as a snap of the back of the handset confirms that it is, in fact, the Galaxy S II.

Already widely available in Europe and Asia, and selling like hot-cakes, Statesiders are still waiting for an official launch of Samsung's flagship smartphone - although it is expected to happen this month.

Like the original Galaxy S handset, US carriers will be giving the handset individual names - Sprint will offer the Samsung Within, Verizon's is called the Function and the AT&T Attain variation will be the first Galaxy S II with a QWERTY option.

Samsung recently announced that it had sold a whopping 5 million Galaxy S II handsets and with the US launch still to come, it's fair to say that this is Samsung's most successful Android smartphone launch yet.

We like the idea of the ancient names though - maybe the Samsung Samson next?