Could a Windows Phone 7 version of the massively popular Samsung Galaxy S II be incoming?

According to the clues uncovered by Windows Phone 7 lovers WMPU then indeed it could - or at least a close cousin of it.

Digging around in the Bluetooth SIG, WMPU found details of the Samsung SGH-i937, a device with a model number very close to the original Galaxy S II (US version is the SGH-i927).

The phone is said to be running Mango and could well, therefore, be Samsung's big follow-up to the Samsung Omnia (or Samsung Focus in the US).

Meanwhile, the Android version of the handset continues to dominate the monthly top-selling phone charts and Sammy has just announced that it has chalked up a whopping 3 million global sales.

That figure has been hit in just 55 days meaning a Galaxy S II is sold in every 1.5 seconds.

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