Samsung has outlined its plans as Official Wireless Telecommunications Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Games, and one of the big announcements is that it will be releasing a special edition smartphone in the UK.

Speaking at the company's Olympic campaign press conference, with Pocket-lint (and David Beckham) in attendance, David Song, managing director of Samsung UK and Ireland, said that the company will be grasping the opportunity to help the Games be the most technologically advanced yet: "We are very privileged to present our technology to the UK market. Visitors will be able to enjoy and participate with the Games through our wireless mobile communications technology," he said.

But, more interestingly, he also revealed that there will be a special Olympic Games handset launched in the UK, in time for the sporting festival, and that it would be of high enough spec to stream live video from the different events: "We are going to launch a smartphone that all the UK citizens can enjoy," he teased. "Even if they are not in the stadiums, they will be able to see [the events] their devices."

However, Gyehyun Kwon, vice president and head of Worldwide Sports Marketing, said that the wireless infrastructure to ensure that such a device would stream seamlessly is still a work in progress: "We are talking with local and overseas [networks].

"This is not one of the easiest things," he added. "We need a lot of collaborations because we are hardware providers. We need to get the carriers and the software companies all together."

However, he does believe that it will all come together in time: "We are working to make this Olympic Games as 'Smart' as possible. We will be trying to push all of the information as speedily as possible."

Certainly, the rewards of a successful Games, with working wireless communications technology, could be of huge benefit to Samsung: "After this Olympic Games, we want to be recognised by British people as one of the most loved brands," said Kwon.