US mobile phone operators are a curious bunch. Keen to boast of exclusive handset offerings they like to rename any phone they get so you instantly know which operator you’ve got it from.

Happy to oblige, Samsung looks to be giving its Samsung Galaxy S II a variety of different names when it launches the phone in the US later this year.

The naming details, yet to be confirmed by Samsung or those involved, have leaked out via an accessories maker, who lists all the relevant names that will work with a case for the new phone yet to go on sale.

samsung galaxy s ii or should that be the samsung attain function or within  image 2

For AT&T the Samsung Galaxy S II will be called the Samsung Attain, for Verizon it’s the Samsung Function, and Sprint; the Samsung Within.

T-Mobile isn’t listed even though it’s likely to get a US launch, and this might be because the casing of the phone will be ever so slightly different.

Of course to confuse matters even more you’ll also be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II or should that be the Samsung Galaxy 2 in its original format too.

It’s not the first time Samsung has changed the name of its flagship product to appease the operators Stateside. The Samsung Galaxy S went through a similar name change as well.

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Do you think Samsung and the operators should just stick with one name and one brand around the world, or are they right to call it different things on different carriers? Let us know in the comments below.