Samsung really has gone to the extreme to promote its new flagship smartphone - the Samsung Galaxy S II. 

Not only did it throw Pocket-lint's very own Dan Sung out of a plane from 12,000ft - it has now gone to even greater heights to show off its reception prowess.

29,000ft in fact this time, as the phone was used for the first ever 3G call from the peak of Mount Everest by British climber, Kenton Cool (awesome name, or what?).

Cool also updated his Facebook status, sent a tweet and posted a photo to Twitpic. The big show off.

"I've climbed Everest before, but have never been able to share the exhilaration and excitement I experience when I reach the top with those back home," he said.

"I unboxed the new Samsung Galaxy S II at base camp and was excited to be able to not only make a 3G connected call home, but also to use all the other great features like updating my Facebook status, tweeting on my journey up and posting a picture to share my moment with friends."

He was probably excited to be paid a large sum of money to use a mobile phone as well, but he didn't mention this.

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