Samsung has released a new advert for its Samsung Galaxy S II superphone suggesting that’s it’s waterproof, well, until you read the small print of course.

The idea is that the AMOLED screen is so good the young girl in the advert believes the video of the goldfish on the screen needs to be in the fish bowl that just so happens to be in front of her and next to the phone.

Of course as soon as she drops the phone in the water a massive text disclaimer appears on screen warning that the phone is “Not waterproof” and that “Immersing the device in water can damage your phone.”

Certainly one not to try at home, and one not to show your kids, you wouldn’t want to give them any funny ideas now would you.

 The phone, which packs virtually every bit of tech that you will probably won’t in a phone comes with a dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, DLNA streaming, NFC, and plenty more.

Strange then that the company has opted to highlight the one thing that it can’t do – withstand being dropped down the toilet. The joys of advertising hey? 

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