You might have noticed Samsung's promotional plan for the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. It was the one where everyone decided it was a good idea to push Pocket-lint, more specifically, Dan (me) out of a plane at 12,000ft.

But Samsung didn't stop there. Pocket-lint was joined by a quite a few other sites in assorted acts of dare devilry while clutching what's shaping up to be one of the most anticipated product launches of the year. Take a look at all six of the videos below and decide for yourselves who had the toughest assignment of all. Give us your thoughts in the comments.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is out on 1 May or from 27 April you head to Phones 4U. It's free on contract for £35 per month or £499 PAYG.

First up is Gerard Lynch from with the one that's impossible not to smile at. It's hard to tell whether it's his infectious laughter or wide-eyed reaction to the impending loops and falls going on behind the camera or maybe just the puzzled look of the girl sat next to him.

This time it's Chris Davies from on a white knuckle ride but with no rails to help on the cornering. Probably the most professional and informative job of all from Chris with the highlights most definitely his cries of "Oh, my god" and "Wow, we're going fast". Great stuff.

From the Earth to the air, Matt Brian from pulled the toughest task in our opinion. Those little single engine stunt planes are serious machines. Flat spins, vertical take-offs, Immelmann turns, mid-air stalls, it's enough to make your stomach turn just watching it. Balls of steel, Matt.

Gareth Beavis from took the easy option, or so he thought. Nipping out 20 minutes away from his Baker Street office for a quick jaunt on the Thames seemed like a good idea until he realised that water hits like concrete when you're traveling at 35 knots. Not always easy to get your words out in those kinds of conditions.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Basil Knorfli from had a lucky escape. While the rest of us spent a few minutes here or there hurtling round in vehicles at breakneck speeds, this poor chap was hung from a cliff face in Snowdonia for pretty much an entire cold and miserable day. What's more, unlike everyone else, he also had to get to that position under his own steam. Solid work, Bas.

Finally, of course, there was Dan Sung (me) from your very own Pocket-lint. To be fair, skydiving had been something that we (I) had wanted to do for a long time and we (I) leapt at the chance when Samsung came knocking. As much fun as that freefall was, no amount of love nor money would ever get me up to go through that parachute section again. It's impossible to keep you eyes on the horizon when the entire world beneath you is spinning so fast. Yuck.

So, which do you think was the toughest? Which would you most like to do? And what do you think would make the ultimate extreme unboxing video? Let us know in the comments.