It's not every day you get to unbox one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. It's also not every day that you throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane at 12,000ft. Combine the two together and you get something in the realm of a once in a life time experience thanks to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

We'd like to tell you that it was all plain sailing. It wasn't. While the phone didn't seem too fazed at getting flown up and up and up on a hot sunny day in a tight circle, free-falling for 30 seconds and watching the surface of the world spin around while suspended from a parachute, it didn't sit so well with our stomach.

While the first jump caused a little dizziness, we had to call it a day after the second. Note the different skydiving suit at the end. Most reviewers of the phone will tell you all about the DLNA, camera features, NFC and that big old 4.3-inch screen but what Pocket-lint can exclusively reveal is that the Samsung Galaxy S II is also vomit proof. Just a shame the instructor wasn't.

Take a look at our first look of the Samsung Galaxy S II that we managed to get from our time with the handset on the day of the jump and our photos of the phone from before. Full review in the next few days. Watch this space.