Phones 4u is listing the Samsung Galaxy S II as being delivered on 27 April, even though Pocket-lint has it on good authority from Samsung itself that the handset will be released on 1 May and no sooner.

The new handset was originally due for an end of April launch, but Samsung decided to delay it to the beginning of May, partly to tie in with a host of marketing and advertising schemes it has up its sleeve.

However, the eagle-eyed dialtosave has spotted that, on Phones 4u's pre-order page for the device, the delivery date is marked down as 27/04, a full four days before the official launch.

Could it be that Phones 4u expects to have stock early? Could it be that it will ship the phones on that day, for delivery on 1 May and has just put out the wrong date? Or could it be an honest, genuine mistake based on the original release schedule?

Pocket-lint's money is on the latter, but is waiting for Phones 4u to get back to us to confirm.

Either way, the retailer's deals (all with Orange) seem decent enough, and if you pre-order before the launch date - whatever it may turn out to be - you'll also get an 8GB memory card for free.

UPDATE: Pocket-lint was wrong. Phones 4u has just been in touch to tell us that the Samsung Galaxy S II will indeed be delivered into the hands of its pre-ordered customers on 27 April. And that's also the date that it will start to carry the new Android handset in stores.

It will be "the first mobile retailer to offer the new Samsung Galaxy S II," says the retailer in a statement hot off the press. And it has also confirmed that the phone will be available for free on a contract from £35 a month on a choice of networks, or on pay as you go for £499.

And with that free 8GB memory card for pre-orders, what are you waiting for?

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