Samsung has halted its Gingerbread (Android 2.3) rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S, just days after it started the update to customers.

“Due to an issue with the Gingerbread update for the Samsung Galaxy S, its roll out has been temporarily suspended by Google. Unfortunately, this means the Vodafone variant is not currently available to download through KIES,” says the network provider.

Previously, it cried from the roof tops that its customers were to get the update at the same time as those with unbranded (ie. no operator affliation) versions of the smartphone.

But there is hope. Vodafone say it’s not an issue its end, so are waiting on Samsung to fix the bug:

“As there are no known performance issues with the Vodafone variant of the device, we are working with Samsung to reinstate the roll out as soon as possible. We know this is frustrating for those Vodafone customers who have not yet been able to update their device and are working hard to address the matter with Samsung.”

It’s not clear, however, whether those who were quick off the mark will be adversely affected.

UPDATE: We understand talking to Vodafone that it's a matter of user experience rather than a technical issue that needs to be fixed. 

If you did manage to download the update before it’s been switched off, let us know if you’re having any problems in the comments below...

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