Samsung Galaxy S owners will be getting an Android 2.3 update this week, or so says users who’ve been prompted to action the over the air update.

According to, the update doesn't seem to be rolled out to all users yet, with some tweakers reporting that they have had the update, while others have not yet got it.

However, Pocket-lint has been able to confirm that Vodafone customers will be getting the update this week - thanks to an eagle-eyed tipster pointing us to a forum page on the Vodafone website that says just that:

“A new maintenance release for the Samsung Galaxy S is now available for Vodafone customers. This is an Android platform update to 2.3 Gingerbread which introduces a number of fixes and improvements which include...” starts the post before listing the new features that the update to Android 2.3 brings:

- Ul Enhancements (simpler and slicker).

- New Android Keyboard, with easy copy/paste feature.

- Improved Power Management.

- Multiple Camera Management (front and back).

- The ability to switch the device to GSM (2G) only mode has been restored in this update.

The software update can be done manually by connecting your handset to your computer via USB and opening the Samsung KIES application.

You will be prompted that an update is available and should then follow the on screen instructions.

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