Samsung, Google, and Sprint have announced that they have created a 4G version of Samsung's flagship Android device, the Samsung Nexus S at this year’s CTIA conference in Orlando, Florida.

The new Samsung Nexus S 4G will be virtually identical to the current Nexus S already available apart from sporting the new faster browsing and data capabilities.

Sprint are promising 4G data speeds (WiMAX) of more than 10 Mbps; and upload speeds of 1 Mbps, although the average download speeds is normally around 3-6 Mbps.

That means like the original Nexus S, the new Nexus S 4G from Google comes packed with a pure Android experience using Android 2.3, Gingerbread, the same Nexus S 4G is powered by a 1GHz Samsung application processor as found in the original and the same AMOLED screen.

Nexus S 4G from Google will be available exclusively from Sprint this spring for $199.99 with a new two-year service agreement or eligible upgrade.

Google has also announced on Monday that Sprint customers will be able to now use the Google Voice.

“Sprint Nexus S customers also will be able to easily use their current Sprint wireless phone number as their Google Voice number without having to port their number, avoiding porting charges and potential service disruptions,” say the companies.  

Google Voice, currently only available in the US makes it easy for people to manage and access most of their voice-based communication. It lets users manage up to six different phones through one number with intelligent call routing and advanced features like call screening, blocking and recording.

“Now Sprint subscribers can use their Sprint number across their office, home and wireless phones, and personalize settings so calls from friends ring their wireless device and home phone, while calls from the boss only ring at the office,” explains the duo. 

Nexus S 4G requires activation on one of Sprint’s Everything Data plans, plus a required $10 Premium Data add-on charge for smartphones. Sprint’s Everything Data plan with Any Mobile, Anytime includes unlimited Web, texting and calling to and from any mobile in America while on the Sprint Network, starting at just $69.99 per month plus required $10 Premium Data add-on charge.