Samsung Omnia 7 users who’ve updated their phones on Monday, following the pre-update to the copy and paste update, have found themselves with nothing more than an expensive paper weight.

According to reports online and readers emailing Pocket-lint, it seems the update hasn’t been well received by some handsets within the Windows Phone 7 range.  

“My WP7 isn't working either after this damn update! Can't hard reset and T-Mobile UK hasn't a clue, please investigate team lint,” Angry WP7 owner emailed in to us.

Unfortunately Angry WP7 owner isn’t alone however, with the @WinPhoneSupport Twitter account currently trying to fend off Windows Phone 7 users with the same problem.

The Official Windows Phone 7 Support Twitter account is in most cases suggesting that users take their phones back to store to see if they can help.

“@WinPhoneSupport The WP7 update has bricked my Omnia 7. ERROR CODE C101002E. RESTORATION ERROR. Please advise ASAP,” said Alex Roebuck who had asked for help fixing his phone before calling it a night: “@WinPhoneSupport It's 1am here in the UK. have to go to work tomorrow with no phone. Very unhappy.”

WinRumors reader Tom Granville wrote to the Microsoft news site to say he is experiencing major issues with his Samsung Omnia device after the update. “Basically, after plugging in my phone to receive the update, the process gets as far as stage 6 of 10 where the phone goes through the reboot process but the phone hangs on the ‘connect your phone to your PC’”, says Granville.

Microsoft did acknowledge the problem when we contacted them for a solution:

“We’re aware of this issue and are looking into these reports.”

We’ve also contacted Samsung to see if it had an answer, and we are awaiting its response.

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Samsung has got back to us to say that they are working on the problem as well, however don't currently have any further information. 

Pocket-lint's suggestion would be to take the phone back to store and ask for an exchange, as we suspect there is no easy fix as users aren't able to get a bootable OS to even apply a fix. 

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