Unlike its major South Korean rival, Samsung currently has no plans to release a 3D mobile phone onto the market. LG created major waves at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the debut of its Optimus 3D device, a phone with an autostereoscopic display that renders 3D content without the need for glasses, but Samsung Mobile doesn't believe that the market is ready for it.

Speaking to Pocket-lint during a closed-door briefing at MWC, Dr WP Hong, executive vice president and head of product strategy of Samsung’s Mobile Communication’s Business, explained: "We have all different kinds of 3D technologies, but what is the right timing?"

The company is currently number one in the 3DTV market and hasn't shirked from adopting the format for many of its other arms, but Dr Hong doesn't think that it is needed in the mobile space, for the time being at least: "We have all the different technologies ready. Technology is not the issue," he said. "Content is the issue."

So, when more 3D content arrives, such as a new version of Rovio's Angry Birds (as exclusively revealed on Pocket-lint), we're likely to see a rival product to the LG Optimus 3D from Samsung. Until then, expect the company to concentrate on expanding its current 2D range of handsets, such as the Galaxy S II.

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