Samsung, as promised, has released a teaser video of its new Samsung Galaxy S 2 smartphone that’s due to be launched on the 13 February at smartphone trade show Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona later this month.

The video teaser is designed to give you a sense that the new phone is the second coming, a glimmering, shimmering hope of bright light that will probably offer the very same bright light and glimmering hope to each and everyone that owns it, that is unless you own a mirror that is.

In what has to be a Photoshop blunder (or maybe a clever marketing trick we’ve fallen for) the new phone is nowhere to be seen in the first 20-odd seconds of the video, except when it’s caught in a mirror midway through the YouTube video.

Of course seeing the back of a handset in one frame of a 30 second YouTube video isn’t likely to give the game away and we actually see more of the phone’s front (without the screen turned on) at the end when Samsung reveals the name, however it’s still worth pointing out because you can see how damn thin the new phone looks to be.

Details of what the new phone will feature are thin [geddit] on the ground, this is a teaser after all, but you can expect it to be packing similar specs to the Nexus S (also made by Google) and the Android 2.3 OS when it eventually does become officially official.

As you might expect, Pocket-lint will be live at the Samsung event on the 13 February in Barcelona, and will bring you all the information on the new phone as soon as we have it.