Last week on Pocket-lint we brought you some leaked pictures of a device being touted as the Samsung Galaxy S Mini.

And whilst those shots gave us a nice (if somewhat blurred) look at a new Samsung device, they didn't exactly scream of officialdom.

But this picture of the S5830 model does, even if it is only teeny-weeny. And it also chucks in a potential official moniker - the Samsung Galaxy Ace (although we have to say the font of the Ace looks a bit off, so we are yet to be fully convinced).

The pic was uncovered by a Eurodroid reader who also grabbed a similarly small picture of another Samsung handset - the S5670 - which he claims is called the Samsung Galaxy Suit which, if true, is a bit of a daft name.

samsung galaxy ace official shots leaked image 2

It's Mobile World Congress next month and we expect to see these devices, along with a whole host of others getting official unveilings. Pocket-lint will, of course, be over at the Barcelona expo in full-force.