This is seriously cool. We've seen flexible E Ink paper from Sony before, as well as rollable OLED displays - but a bendy Super-AMOLED screen from Samsung gets us very excited indeed.

You see, Pocket-lint cannot wait for the next smartphone revolution - wearable phones that you clip around your wrist. It's gonna be mega - like something from a low-budget sci-fi film, but real!

Samsung, already an industry leader when it comes to displays (it is the largest manufacturer of LCD panels, and also the largest manufacturer and supplier of mobile OLED displays in the world) is showing off the 4.5-inch flexible Super-AMOLED display over at the FPD International Expo in Tokyo.

These displays have a WVGA, 800 x 480, resolution - which is up on its previous bendy effort which had a WQVGA, 400 x 240 resolution. It can be rolled down to a radius of 1cm.

There's no news yet regarding mass production, but reports suggest that the Korean giant is looking to implement the technology into smartphones and tablets in the future.

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