We've still yet to hear anything official from Samsung or Microsoft about the Samsung Cetus and it's Windows Phone 7 credentials, however that hasn't stopped the phone popping up over and over again for us to get a good glimpse of.

The latest unofficial outing for the Samsung Windows Phone 7 smartphone is a Channel 9 behind the scenes video telling you what some of the key players do on the new OS from Microsoft.

15 minutes in to the 17 minute video and Charlie Kindel, program manager for Windows Phone 7 whips out his phone to show a home automation application he has created for himself to help test some of the operating systems features.

Trouble is, as WMpoweruser.com spotted, the phone looks rather like the Samsung Cetus i917 handset rather than just the developers unit that we've already seen - Opps.

Sources have previous confirmed to Pocket-lint that Microsoft is expected to announce the launch of Windows Phone 7 to the world on 11 October with handsets from companies like Samsung launching their handset shortly after towards the end of October. 

We will keep you posted.

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