If you would have told us a year or so ago that we'd be so excited about a Microsoft mobile OS, we'd have called you crazy.

We mean, it's not as if Bill and the gang have a good record with mobile platforms in the past. At best we'd describe them as so-so, at worst....well, let's not even go there.

But Windows Phone 7, just looks so awesome and, on the handsets that Pocket-lint has been lucky enough to get its paws on, it runs brilliantly as well.

So the leaked pictures of the WP7 running Samsung i8700 have got us all a flutter.

Not only has it got the much anticipated OS on board, it also looks like the most handsome handset of the bunch so far.

samsung i8700 windows phone 7 in the wild image 3

Not a great deal is known about the device, but we can decipher from the pic that we're looking at a QWERTY-less phone, with a LED flash camera and 8GB of on board storage. Oh, and it's black and very shiny.

Pocket-lint exclusively revealed that Windows Phone 7 will be officially launching on 11 October, so I guess we'll just have to sit tight for then to get the full details of this sexy-looking phone.

Are you as excited as us by Windows Phone 7, or do you think Microsoft has blown it in the mobile market? Give us your thoughts below.