Back in January, at CES Las Vegas, Samsung hinted that it was seeking to converge its application store across all of its connected devices, including TVs and mobile phones. However, its Internet@TV service and mobile app store are currently separate; software downloaded on one will not work on another.

Darren Petersen, Samsung UK's content manager has told Pocket-lint, though, that complete compatibility across technologies is still very much a part of the company's road map: "That is definitely something that Samsung is working towards. Samsung is very interested in convergence across all products", he said.

"Even this year with our All Share, which is more sophisticated that anyone else’s DLNA, you can stream from a mobile phone, from a camera, from a camcorder, from all of our devices. And there are some functions already in Internet@TV".

Internet@TV is Samsung's connected television platform that gives access to a variety of applications - 35 at present, with plans to double that amount to 70 by the end of the year. It currently offers BBC's iPlayer, a Lovefilm movie streaming service, Twitter, Skype and more, but none of those apps currently comply with their mobile phone counterparts.

There is one application out there that bridges a gap between the technologies, however: "We’ve got the iPhone remote control for our TVs, which is also available for our smartphones, and you can use this to control some of our games on the service. It’s not that sophisticated yet, but it does have some nice functionality and it’s heading in that way [towards converge]", said Petersen.

But it is Samsung's aim for software downloaded from its App Store on one device, to work on another, including the forthcoming iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab: "The overall end goal at some point is that Samsung apps will sit across TV, AV, mobile and tablets. That is HQ’s intention. I’m not sure how quickly it’ll happen, but that is what they’re trying to do", we were told.

Do you want to be able to come out of a game of Angry Birds on your Samsung phone and continue where you left off on your TV? Let us know in the comments below...