Samsung has announced a range of accessories for the ever popular Samsung Galaxy S android super-phone.

The new range features a plethora of accessories from stands to battery chargers, including a HD streamer for your TV.

The Galaxy S desktop dock for example not only doubles as a charger, but also a stand for your desk so you can turn it into a mini computer in its own right.

Supported by an accompanying app, users can download the Desk Home application from the Android marketplace by searching for “desk home Samsung”.

The Desk Home application can switch brightness levels from day to night and provides one-touch access to the Daily Briefing, alarm clock, music, pictures, movie gallery and local weather so that you can always stay up-to-date with activities. 

Those wanting the same features for the car will be able to get the Galaxy S portable vehicle dock, allowing users to mount their device to a car windscreen or dashboard.

While the Samsung WMG1602 Wi-Fi HD streaming device allows users to stream movies, music, and photos directly from a Galaxy S smart phone to an HDTV.