Are you an iPhone 4 user who has suffered with the now infamous death grip issues? If so, did you tweet about your annoyance?

If you did, and reports are proven to be correct, you might just be on course to receive a Samsung Galaxy S through the post - for nada.

Wired UK is reporting that twitter user @samsungukmobile is tweeting people that have mentioned their antennagate issues within tweets, in order to get their contact details with a view to sending them a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S.

Now, we know this sounds like a scam, but Wired has confirmed with a staff member of its publishing house that the offer is genuine and there's also details of one tweeter who said he had received a new Samsung handset, with no strings attached.

samsung handing out free galaxy s phones to frustrated iphone 4 users  image 3

We've contacted our Samsung insiders, and we're doing our darnedest to find out if this is the real deal or not.

In the meantime, if you do hear anything from @samsungukmobile, let us know.