Samsung has announced a range of Bluetooth headsets that it's launching to complement its range of mobile phones. There's seven in all, each of which matches a particular handset in Samsung's catalogue at a range of price points.

The Samsung HM1600 pairs up with the Samsung Monte, and features Bluetooth 2.1, multipoint capabilities, microphone noise reduction, automatic volume control and active pairing. There's a battery level checker, and it promises 6 hours of talk-time battery life. It'll be available from May.

The Samsung HM3200, on the other hand, matches the Samsung Wave, which is to be launched later in the summer. It too has multipoint technology, Bluetooth 2.1, microphone noise reduction, a battery level check, and approximately 4.5 hours of talk-time before its juice runs out. It'll be showing up in June, presumably around the same time as the Wave.

Also in the range is the Samsung HM1000 - which has volume control, 7 hours of talk-time and will be available in May, the HM3100 - which matches up with the Samsung Galaxy S, offers 5 hours of talktime, noise cancellation, volume control and echo cancellation, and will be available in June.

There's the Samsung HF1000 - which promises "minimal design" and the ability to clip onto your car's sun visor. It has a voice prompt, 15 hours of talk-time and will be showing up in May, along with the Samsung WEP570 - which is also designed for cars, offering echo cancellation, wind noise reduction, battery level check, automatic volume control, microphone and an additional USB port so you can charge up other devices - it'll be showing up in May.

Lastly, the top of the range is the Samsung Modus HM3500, which can operate in normal one-ear mode, or be hooked up to a headset to stream stereo audio. It's got multipoint support, along with the ability to mute stereo audio when you're in a call, so that you don't have to fiddle with buttons when your phone's ringing. It'll arrive in June.

Pricing on the whole range varies from £50 to £30, depending on specs, features and the whims of Samsung.