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(Pocket-lint) - Joining its fellow Chinese manufacturers at MWC in Shanghai, Realme has announced today that it will be launching a new platform of powerful flagship devices starting in March. 

Realme's GT range will be at the mid-high end of its product portfolio and will include a top tier device powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor

For the GT range, it's not just about performance though. Realme - the former Oppo sub-brand - wants to release phones that look and feel good too. 

RealmeRealme GT series coming soon with high-end specs and premium build photo 1

Its flagship GT phone will feature a two-tone contrasting design on the back and make use of soft, brightly coloured vegan leather. 

To make the vegan leather fit properly on the back - and form a good seal with the non-leather 'go faster' stripe - Realme used a custom moulding process. That way you shouldn't see any lips or separation between the two. 

The manufacturer says it's even improved the texture and feel of its vegan leather to make it softer and nicer to touch, as well as show off brighter colour. 

Internally, the Snapdragon 888's heat is managed by a redesigned stainless steel VC cooling system to ensure your phone runs fast and efficient even under heavy load. 

Not a lot more detail has been shared about any specific phone models, but Realme's pitching this as the beginning of a so-called 'Dual-flagship strategy'. 

It imagines these phones as being powerful and being great camera phones at the same time. 

Plus, Realme says it will use both Snapdragon and MediaTek Dimensity flagship 5G platforms in its range. 

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Realme was one of the fastest-growing brands in 2020, and it's easy to see why. Its phones regularly offer incredible value for money, offering great specs and performance at very reasonable prices. 

For 2021 it's going to attempt to build on that reputation by offering phones with a more premium touch and highly capable cameras. 

Realme's GT range will launch on 4 March, so stay tuned for more specifics in a week or so. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Editing by Adrian Willings.