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(Pocket-lint) - Razer recently confirmed it's making a new smartphone, a second-generation Razer Phone, and a render of it has now surfaced.

Android Headlines shared a leaked image of a supposed Razer Phone 2 phone. It received the image from a “reliable source”. And, from what we can see in the leak, Razer's second phone looks super familiar. The squared-off design is a lot like the original Razer Phone, right down to the bezel thickness, display size, and huge speaker grilles. The front-facing camera setup looks slightly different, however.

Here is the first Razer Phone for comparison:

Android HeadlinesRazer Phone 2 image 2

The software also appears to be different. The Razer Phone 2 could be running an updated version of Android, as evident by the fonts and icons seen on the lockscreen. Speaking of the lockscreen, it shows the date of 10 October. Leaked renders will often show a date that ends up being when the phone is launched. So, Razer Phone 2 could be launched in October, a month earlier than Razer Phone.

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When Pocket-lint reviewed the first Razer Phone, which arrived in 2017, we said we had a love-hate relationship with it. We love its boldness, its desire to be different, what its 120Hz panel can do for super-smooth operation throughout (not only for gaming!), and those best-ever-in-a-smartphone speakers. It kept us very entertained. However, it's undeniably big, and the battery life is meh.

The Razer Phone 2 is rumoured to feature a Snapdragon 845 chipset and Razer’s “Chroma” LED. Other than that, details are slim. Let's hope that the new version is able to impress us more - if and when it does land - this autumn. We'll keep you posted.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.