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(Pocket-lint) - Those of you who want the Razer Phone better hurry.

The online retailer is holding a 24-hour flash sale, dropping the price of the Razer Phone by $100 to $599. The deal is only available on 4 May Best Buy, Razer.com, Microsoft Store, and Amazon (US) in North America only. The discounted smartphone is available to buy at either of those retailers in its black and green version, as well as the black and silver version. Best Buy stores and online now.

Razer is a gaming manufacturer best known for its sleek laptops. It launched the Razer Phone late last year after having acquired Nextbit in 2016 (that's the company that made the Robin smartphone). It's not just a Nextbit Robin in disguise, though. The phone's 5.7-inch panel runs at up to 120Hz - double that of current flagship devices - which is important for super smooth visuals in gaming.

And with Razer's knowhow in gaming already well established, the company has pulled on its experience to deliver a variable frame-rate solution, so when the going gets tough, the rate can dip and maintain real-time smoothness. Under the skin of the Razer Phone is top-end hardware, too, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 935 platform and 8GB RAM, ensuring it'll handle anything you care to throw its way.

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It's a big ol' lump of a phone though - in part thanks to its dual front-facing speaker array and capacious 4,000mAh battery, which might make its chunky frame more than acceptable. It had a £699/$699 asking price at launch. Not bad... but $599 is better.

Writing by Elyse Betters.