(Pocket-lint) - Hang on, what's that? Razer, the gaming manufacturer best known for its sleek laptops, is making a phone?

Yep. And it's perhaps no surprise. Having acquired Nextbit in 2016 - that's the company that made the Robin smartphone - Razer has the hardware footing for its (oh-so-originally-named) Razer Phone.

It's not just a Nextbit Robin in disguise, though. The Phone's 5.7-inch panel runs at up to 120Hz - that's double that of current flagship devices - which is mportant for super smooth visuals in gaming.

And with Razer's knowhow in gaming already well established, the company has pulled on its experience to deliver a variable frame-rate solution, so when the going gets tough the rate can dip and maintain real-time smoothness.

Under the skin of the Razer Phone is top-end hardware, too, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 935 platform and 8GB RAM ensuring it'll handle anything you care to throw its way.

It's a big ol' lump of a phone though - in part thanks to its dual front-facing speaker array and capacious 4,000mAh battery, which might make its chunky frame more than acceptable.

Given the high-end specs and unique selling point, you might think the Razer Phone will cost as much as a laptop. But that's not the case: when it goes on slae from 14 November 2017 (exclusive to Three in the UK), it'll have a £699 asking price. Nay bad... if you can get over the brick-like design.

Writing by Mike Lowe.