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(Pocket-lint) - iOS 7 has opened the door to gaming controllers for iPhones and iPods. Already we've seen devices from Logitech and Moga but now Razer has a handheld that has leaked in photos.

The Razer Kazuyo looks very similar to the Logitech PowerShell with a D-pad and four coloured buttons. It's also slim fitting and black but what makes it special is a tiltable screen. Imagine being able to play on your lap without having to tilt the controller for the screen - it could be a tiny extra that makes for far more comfortable gaming on your wrists.

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While the Moga is the only iOS 7 gaming controller to feature an analogue stick this Razer should enhance iPhone games with its D-pad. There also appears to be shoulder buttons on the device. Since this is just a leaked photo at this stage it's unclear if there will be a battery to enhance the phone's life like on the PowerShell.

An official reveal with pricing and release date are expected soon. Expect it to work with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and the latest iPod touch.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 6 December 2013.