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(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm has released a new top-end modem that will provide connectivity for future flagship phones. Following on from the X55 (used in many of today's flagships such as the iPhone 12) and the X60, this latest hardware is called the Snapdragon X65. 

With no Mobile World Congress (MWC) taking place in Europe until June instead of late February, Qualcomm has chosen to launch the new modem in its traditional timeslot anyway. 

The current-gen X60 isn't used in many phones at present but is integrated in the latest Snapdragon 888 platform, used in the US version of the Galaxy S21. The question is whether the upcoming iPhone 13 will step up to X60 or will just leap ahead to X65 now that the iPhone's 5G credentials are established.


Certainly, Qualcomm suggests it will be featured in flagship phones this year, which could suggest that we'll get a mid-year upgrade to Snapdragon 888 as well, just as we did with the previous 865 to 865 Plus

The hardware is Qualcomm's fourth-generation 5G modem but does do something new in that it can push through 10 Gigabits (10Gb per second) of peak speed. Qualcomm also says this generation has a more upgradeable architecture that means various customisations can be made such as new software updates. The broad idea is to prolong the lifespan of devices as 5G itself continues to evolve. 

The mmWave module in the model also supports the new 41Ghz band as well as supporting all global mmWave frequencies.

Coverage should be better, too, while there are also various power-saving technologies as well. A technology called Smart Transit ensures that speeds are as fast as they can be without raising the radio emissions beyond acceptable levels. 

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Qualcomm also announced the Snpadragon X62 modem for use in mobile broadband gear. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.
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