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(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm has announced another Snapdragon 700 series mobile platform, the Snapdragon 750G. This effectively updates the 730G, adding 5G into the mix, making this another affordable route to next-gen connectivity.

The new Snapdragon 750G boosts the performance of the 730G - found in the Google Pixel 4a - boosting the CPU performance by 20 per cent, the graphics performance by 10 per cent and giving AI a 20 per cent boost too.

It uses the X52 modem - the same as found in the Snapdragon 765 - to enable global 5G connectivity, covering mmWave and sub-6, with standalone and non-standalone support.

Compared to the 765G that’s already proved popular in devices like the OnePlus Nord, the 750G is likely to be marginally lower power. It will only support displays up to Full HD+ for example, but it will still support those at 120Hz.

The G at the end of the name is an indicator that Qualcomm is pitching this at gaming, saying that it will offer 10-bit HDR support in gaming. This is the sort of hardware that's likely to find its way into mid-range 5G devices, looking to give you plenty of performance without asking for flagship prices.

That's very much been a theme of 2020 and we can see that being set to continue. While flagship devices are battling it out to produce the highest resolution camera, in the mid-range we're now getting performance that's very good, all the features you could reasonably want and all for half the price of the top phones.

We're not sure when we'll see the first devices with the Snapdragon 750G, but we suspect there'll be something late-2020 or early-2021.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 17 September 2020.