(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm has been introducing the world to its new Snapdragon 865 over the past few days and one of the big gains is on the camera front.

Taking to the stage to talk specifically about the support that the new mobile platform offers to smartphone manufacturers, Judd Heape introduced the support for 200-megapixel sensors, before going on to say that "this isn't just vapourware."

Heape went on to confirm that there will be 200-megapixel cameras on phones launching in 2020. While Heape didn't announce which manufacturer would be launching this camera beast, at least we know that someone is going to be making full use of the Snapdragon 865's camera support.

There have been some announcements from manufacturers to confirm that they will be using the new mobile platform from Qualcomm and Xiaomi and Oppo have vocal in their support.

We suspect that it might be Xiaomi who announces a 200-megapixel camera, having recently launched a 108-megapixel camera in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

Outside of huge resolutions, Qualcomm says that there's a range of enhancements that will come with Snapdragon 865 when it comes to the camera. With the ability to process a huge amount of data, like using more focusing points, giving more power to noise reduction and supporting a range of enhanced AI functions on future smartphone cameras.

The Snapdragon 864 will also support the capture of Dolby Vision video, 8K video as well as 4K at 120fps. It looks like 2020 is going to change the smartphone camera game all over again.

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Writing by Chris Hall.