Qualcomm has just figured out a way to wirelessly charge metal devices.

Until now, engineers haven't been able to develop a solution that'll allow metal device to wirelessly charge. Qualcomm has come up with something called WiPower technology however, and it allows a charge to pass through metal.

This means premium devices like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (or even the iPhone 6S, but don't hold your breath) might feature wireless charging. WiPower is compliant with the Rezence standard, based on Near Field Magnetic Resonance, and charges devices requiring up to 22 watts.

In other words: you know it'll be just as fast as the speedy Qi standard. Also, it uses Bluetooth Smart to minimise hardware requirements. WiPower will be able to work with a wide range of electronics and can charge multiple devices simultaneously without the need for exact alignment or direct contact.

Qualcomm is now offering up WiPower licenses and reference designs so that companies can begin making WiPower-enabled metal devices that wirelessly charge through their metal back covers.