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(Pocket-lint) - Own a 4K television and are struggling to find content other than season three of House of Cards to watch? Well that's strange because new figures show that in 2014 over 150 million devices were sold that have the ability of recording 4K footage. And as they were smartphones, they should be in a lot of people's pockets all the time.

The number, complied for mobile chip maker Qualcomm by analyst firm Strategy Analytics, shows how 4K video isn't just something that is happening, but for many, is already here and in the home. There's no excuse not to record your own Ultra HD content these days.

It's a very different perception to what many currently believe, with owners of 4K televisions struggling to find content to watch aside from that available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

But devices from manufacturers like Samsung and LG are changing all that. 

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Strategy Analytics also thinks that number is going to continue to grow at a blistering rate, with an expected 500 million 4K capable handsets in use around the world by 2018. That's something Qualcomm with its 4K ready Snapdragon 810 processor is only to keen to capitalise on. 

The bottom line seems to be that if you own a brand new 4K television and are complaining about nothing to watch, it might pay you to turn to your phone and get making some home movies.

Writing by Stuart Miles.