Given the Snapdragon 600 processor is the powerhouse behind the HTC One, chipmaker Qualcomm wants to show it off. In a marketing stunt, Qualcomm has set up the "Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth" using 130 HTC Ones to capture 540 degrees of a moment.

The stunt recreates the "bullet time" effect that was made famous by The Matrix and subsequent video games, letting you freeze time and shift around. We've seen it done with GoPro in the past, and there are plenty of examples to be found on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

What look to be actors step into the photobooth to do various flips, tricks, and fire breathing stunts. If you look past the marketing ploy of Snapdragon processors "being the best out there" (they arguably are), the video highlights a pretty cool photography trick. 

If you want to see where it all started, then check out the scene from The Matrix, with Neo dodging bullets on the roof, then check out the video below, the action starts around 54 seconds.