Qualcomm has revealed that it expects 5 billion smartphones to be sold between 2012 and 2016. The technology firm that builds chips found in many devices Android and otherwise, including the Nexus 4, told analysts of the forecast during its annual meeting in San Diego.

The company, which predicts healthy growth in the mobile sector, also says mobile is redefining computing in general. "Consumer expectations for connectivity, battery life and portability will drive Qualcomm's growth in the segment," it says.

It expects 650 million tablets and laptops combined to be sold in 2016, while the market for embedded and external mobile broadband in new mobile computing devices will double by the same year.

As a major LTE chip provider, Qualcomm will benefit from the drive to add internal mobile connectivity to portable computers as well as tablet devices. However, it's not just mobile that excites the company and it also predicts that the quantity of content that we will be bringing into our homes through internet services will more than triple by 2016.