App developers are working with a technology that will enable consumers to buy the very same products they are seeing on their television instantly from their mobile phone or tablet.

AllJoyn is a peer-to-peer (P2P) communication tool developed by Qualcomm that enables devices to recognise each other, based on proximity rather than a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. 

Though the technology is already in use, Qualcomm told a select team of journalists - including Pocket-lint - how the software will “revolutionise” the future of our television experience. 

“When I’m watching a TV show and I see Jay-Z wearing a certain pair of glasses for example, an advert could appear on my phone saying, ‘Like Jay-Z’s glasses? You can buy them right here on eBay’,” Liat Ben-Zur, senior director, software strategy and business development at Qualcomm, told us.

The thought of targeted and consumer-specific adverts with links to the suggested products is certainly an interesting concept - assuming you would also be able to turn it off.

Sadly, no time frame was placed on when we might be able to expect this kind of app development to arrive, but it could affect what programmes we choose to watch in the future. No more Strictly Come Dancing for us, however. We’ve got quite enough glittery leotards, thanks.

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