Qualcomm is making claims that it’s Snapdragon S4 is the most thermally efficient processor around and it’s using a block of butter to prove it.

Have you ever been using your phone for an age and started to feel the heat it generates? Sometimes it gets so hot you have to stop playing that new game you've just downloaded, right?

Qualcomm has conducted a rather bizarre test to demonstrate just how hot processors can get by putting it’s own Snapdragon S4 against two unnamed CPUs.

The experiment, recorded on video, sees three phones - each with different processors - laid next to each other with cling film placed over them. A block of butter is then laid on each phone.

As each phone heats up while performing some unspecified action, the butter on each of Qualcomm’s competitors melts far quicker than the phone with the Snapdragon S4. In fact one of the phones reaches up to 55 °C. Now that is hot.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor can currently be found in the “cool” HTC One S, Sony Xperia S, Nokia Lumia 900, 800 and 710 and Samsung Galaxy Note.

Do you find your phone overheats? What is it?