iPhone and iPads may finally be getting 4G LTE support thanks to Qualcomm and its new chips, which will make for a far more power efficient device and won't compromise Apple's iPhone design. It should also bring speed boosts in surfing and web downloads.

The mobile device modem (MDM) chips are part of Qualcomm's announcment of its new Gobi 4000 platform that integrates LTE and offers improved power efficiency. As Apple already uses Qualcomm to provide its current line of chips, it should be a relatively easy transition to upgrade.

For a long time Apple has remained steadfast in its opposition to introducing 4G LTE onto its iPhone and iPad due to efficiency issues, with Tim Cook stating in February 2011: "LTE would force design compromises we're not willing to make."

Given the problems Apple has been having with its iPhone 4S battery life, we can understand its previous reluctance to introduce the tech, but now, with Qualcomm launching the MDM 9615 first series chip in early 2012, there shouldn't be anything stopping it.

And this news won't just be of interest to US iPhone users as the UK's plans to roll out 4G are now underway with the recent announcement of O2's 4G trials in London.