The iPhone and iPad are about to see an influx of augmented reality apps, following the announcement that Qualcomm will open up its AR SDK to iOS developers so that it can submit its wares to the Apple App Store.

The new service, which goes live at the end of September, has been available on Android for some time but has only just come to Apple devices in Beta form.

"We will have a commercial version of our AR SDK by the end of the month," Qualcomm’s Michael Gervautz - an AR industry veteran for 15 years - told Pocket-lint at the company’s Innovation Qualcomm event in Istanbul.

After a popular response from developers, Gervautz said that Qualcomm is taking its software formal, thereby allowing the 2,000 Apple developers already signed up to submit their apps and make money.

At the moment, while developers can download the tools and mess around with the possibilities, they haven’t been able to actually submit them to the App Store to generate revenue.

The SDK has already had over 10,000 Android developers sign up, with plenty of AR apps showing up in the Android Marketplace.

Popular games include Inch High Stunt Guy, which sees you map out a course for a motorbike stunt man, and was also demoed on an iPad in Istanbul. There's also Zombie Gate and Paparazzi, a game that allows you to snap a virtual celebrity.

Qualcomm is expecting plenty of iOS developers to publish apps and says the tools are already iOS 5 ready.

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