If you were thinking of rushing out and getting an Nvidia Tegra 2 packing tablet or smartphone simply on the basis that its CPU is dual core, then maybe you should consider the warning shot fired from Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacbos.

Speaking at the company's big industry event, Uplinq, the Qualcomm bossman stated that on performance, even the latest single core Snapdragon chipset beats its rivals hands-down. And whilst he didn't mention Nvidia by name, it's obvious who he was referring to.

"Looking at benchmarking tests for our single core product, it outperforms against dual core products from our competitors," he said.

"The performance that you can get is literally much more than just counting the number of cores on a chip - it's about how these cores work together seamlessly and efficiently.

"Compared to our competitors' [dual-core chips] they use 50 to 75 per cent more power to deliver the same performance compared to our single-core CPUs."

Qualcomm has also posted a video on its YouTube channel that shows a single core second-gen Snapdragon (on 4G) up against a rival's dual core chip on the 3G network. Again, there's no specific mention of the rival's device.

However, it's not all about single core action for Snapdragon, with Jacobs keen to stress that: "We are actually launching our first dual core GPU - the Adreno 220 - which we're very excited about as it's integrated into our dual-core Snapdragon 8660 chipset which is running on some of the powerful new tablets and smartphones".

The company has also detailed the introduction of the Snapdragon Game Pack - an optimisation program packing more than 100 mobile games from the likes Gameloft and Namco Bandai.

Your move Nvidia...