Qualcomm has patented a three screen touchscreen device that would allow you to fold out the screens to get a bigger viewing image when it comes to watching movies on the go, but a smaller one for day to day usage.

“A multi-fold mobile device with a configurable interface is disclosed. When fully extended, the device may provide a panorama view, similar to widescreen televisions", reads the patent.

"When fully folded, the device may provide a small form factor with an abbreviated view similar to cellular telephones. In addition, the user interface (UI) displayed on the device may change based on the folding configuration of the device".

"Thus, based on a current folding configuration of the device, the UI may be a panorama UI, a desktop UI, an application UI, a web browser UI, an alarm clock UI, a media player UI, or some other UI".

The design concept is similar to a phone Pocket-lint first reported on in January 2009.

Called the Icephone the device sported not just one clamshell, but two fold out keyboards.

Full of promise at the time, the phone has yet to be seen since.