A Qualcomm exec has revealed it sees its Snapdragon processor as potentially powering a new breed of handheld games consoles, Mobile-Ent reports.

"There will be, by the end of this year, specific game-centric platforms launched around Snapdragon", Mark Frankel, Qualcomm's VP of product management has stated at the MWC event in Spain, without revealing who the hardware might come from.

"You'll be able to see clearly that gaming is the main focus of those devices. There'll be a category of gaming devices that hasn't been on the marketplace before using Snapdragon".

As well as high-end mobile phones, Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon processor can be found in smartbooks such as Lenovo's Skylight and HP's Compaq AirLife 100 with plans revealed by Frankel for faster versions up to 2GHz in the future.