At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a company called Teleepoch has demonstrated a mobile phone which doesn't have a single button on it - it's all controlled by gestures instead.

At the moment it's just a proof-of-concept, but the device is absolutely tiny - about the size of two thumbs. We were able to get hands-on with it, and can confirm that it's more than a little tricky to use off the bat. However, Teleepoch's representative had the knack, and showed us how to navigate around the menus by tilting it up and down to scroll, and jerking it up to select, and left to go back.

Although it seems a bit of a novelty, Teleepoch pointed us that "accelerometers are cheap, buttons are very expensive". Such a phone, which would just contain a display, a 2G radio and an accelerometer, could be sold very cheaply, and would be less likely to malfunction. Text entry, in case you're wondering, is accomplished with voice recognition.

As this is just concept, there's no availability info. But we'll keep an eye on Teleepoch and let you know if it brings any kind of device to market in the future.