If you think the proliferation of app stores among device manufacturers, mobile networks and just about any other company in the world was getting a little silly, you'll likely be alarmed to hear that Qualcomm is launching an initiative that could see any company set one up with the greatest of ease.

The white label service is called "Plaza" and represents an easily customisable app store (or "Mobile widgets" as Qualcomm is putting it) that can be as niche or mainstream as you like. "Any content, any network, any device" is apparently the company's motto for the project.

Qualcomm's EVP president of QIS & Europe told Pocket-lint that he thinks specialist boutique app stores that focus on one topic - sports and fitness, or music, for example - could prove as successful as device-centred app stores that have dominated the marketplace so far.

Qualcomm has an extensive website that details the options that it offers. What do you think - is the proliferation of app stores a good thing that'll create competition and drive down prices? Or will it just confuse consumers? Let us know in the comments.