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(Pocket-lint) - After appearing in certification listings on the WiFi Alliance and FCC websites, an image of the first Palm smartphone in seven years has emerged.

Acquired by Android Police, the Palm handset, which goes by the codename "Pepito" and thought to have the product number PVG100, is shown in right, left, rear and front shots in the same image.

The image looks to be an early marketing pic as the front of the phone doesn't show the final display.

Android PoliceNew Palm Pepito Android Phone Revealed In Leaked Pic image 2

Sadly, it also shows a phone that is unlikely to make much of an impact, leaving us wondering why owner TCL is bothering to resurrect the Palm name at all.

Palm is fondly remembered for its, at the time, groundbreaking alternatives to BlackBerry handsets. The Palm Pepito merely looks like a cheap as chips, entry level handset and leaked specifications suggest so too.

It is said to sport a 3.3-inch 720p screen, with a tiny 800mAh battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor. It will have 3GB of RAM, however, will at least ensure it runs applications smoothly. There will be 32GB of storage too, according to Android Police's source.

If you're still interested but live in the UK, you might be out of luck. The phone is currently being touted as a Verizon exclusive in the US with no word of a release anywhere else in the world.

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Expect to see and hear more in the coming weeks.

Writing by Rik Henderson.