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(Pocket-lint) - After several teases, Oppo finally announced its latest under-display camera tech today, including a sample image to show it really works.

For Oppo, this is a second generation version of the technology that it had demoed on a prototype device in 2019, marking quite a big gap between first announcing it and this next evolution. 

The manufacturer hasn't yet implemented any form of an under-display camera in a commercially available product yet, so this is still prototype technology at this stage. However, it is impressive given the photo sample provided.

Oppo Oppo to announce new under-display camera tech on 4 August photo 4

As part of the announcement (on Weibo), it claimed that its latest tech offers "almost no visual difference between the under-screen camera area and the rest of the screen during everyday use, thereby creating a much more immersive visual experience".


This is evidenced by a second image of the prototype running an eBook across the whole screen.

Oppo Oppo to announce new under-display camera tech on 4 August photo 3

Of course, this looks more like a press image than a hands-on shot, so it would be good to see a video or real-life photo of it in action too. Still, it seems the tech is heading in the right direction at last.

Certainly, we're going to see more under-display cameras appear over the next couple of years. 

Currently, the only smartphone available with an in-display camera is the ZTE Axon 20, but we're expecting to see that phone joined by a few more over the next 12 months or so.

Rumours have suggested that Samsung will use it in its foldable phones this year, and now Oppo is getting closer to launching it on a real phone too.

Writing by Cam Bunton and Rik Henderson.
  • Via: OPPO shows off its next-generation under-display selfie camera - 91mobiles.com
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