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(Pocket-lint) - Oppo has officially announced that its Find X2 launch event will take place on 22 February in Barcelona; the weekend that Mobile World Congress 2020 kicks off. 

The announcement takes place at 2pm local time, and so far the company hasn't shared any links to a direct video live stream. 

OppoIts official Oppo Find X2 will launch on 22 February image 1

We haven't heard tonnes about the phone yet, but it's been rumoured that it will feature a 120Hz panel on the front and have 65W wired fast charging

There's also the suggestion that Oppo might use its innovative in-display selfie camera for the front. 

The original Oppo Find X was a very innovative phone for its time, incorporating some tech we'd not seen in a smartphone before. 

Both its front and back cameras were hidden away from view and built into a part of the phone which popped up and down, allowing Oppo to build in a near perfect edge-to-edge display on the front. No notch, no cutouts. 

What's more, the UK edition of the phone featured incredibly fast wired charging, giving you a 0-100 full battery in under 40 minutes. 

In addition to that, it was one of the first companies to put navigation gestures in place, instead of using the traditional Android navigation buttons on the screen. 

We're hoping the phone being launched is similar in its approach to using the latest innovations. Or, at least, something exciting and unexpected like the first Find X. 

Regardless, we're expecting Oppo to bill the phone as its next high-end device. Its three Reno series' from 2019 haven't quite delivered a true, all-powerful flagship phone yet, although there have been glimmers of promise. 

By holding its launch event on the Saturday afternoon, Oppo is also making itself first to grab our attention, with most other companies launching on Sunday and Monday (23 and 24 February). 

Whether or not its the device we're still talking about over the following days and weeks is yet to be seen. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton.