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(Pocket-lint) - Oppo has 3 new phones launching in the UK and they are only available at Carphone Warehouse - read on for a run-down of the three launch devices - the Find X, RX17 Pro and RX17 Neo.

Pocket-lintOppo have 3 new phones launching in the UK and they are only available at The Carphone Warehouse image 2

The Oppo RX17 Pro

The second of the trio is the Oppo RX17 Pro which has the same-sized screen as the Neo, also with that cool fingerprint reader embedded in it, though facial recognition unlock is also a feature.

The design is classy and attractive with a glossy finish that gleams attractively. This is a versatile phone: there are multiple cameras including a 25MP front-facing camera, like on the RX17 Neo. On the back there are multiple cameras. One of them has an adjustable aperture to work better in low light situations. It automatically opens up to pull in more light when it's darker. A second camera has 20MP resolution and a third one to be used for depth of field capabilities and augmented reality effects, where the phone's view of the real world is overlaid with digital extras.

The phone has a long-lasting battery that can get you through a full day with ease. But there's also exceptionally fast charging, an Oppo speciality, so that you can recharge it from flat to 40 per cent in just 10 minutes.

Top of the range is the Oppo Find X. If you thought the fingerprint reader was cool, check this out. When you look at the phone it's all screen: super-narrow bezels and no notch where the camera sits. How is this possible? Well, the front and rear cameras are both hidden out of sight inside the phone. When you need them, the central section slides up automatically to take a selfie or recognise it's you to unlock the handset, and then slides out of sight again.

It contributes to a remarkably sleek design that is minimalist but still head-turning.

OppoOppo have 3 new phones launching in the UK and they are only available at The Carphone Warehouse image 3

The Oppo RX17 Neo

The range begins with the Oppo RX17 Neo which has a large, attractive 6.4in display with one of the newest and coolest innovations: a fingerprint reader that's actually buried in the display. It's not the first to perform this trick but the price tag (£319) means it's almost certainly the most affordable phone with this highly appealing tech in it.

Because the screen is edge-to-edge, the screen is large but the phone is manageable in the hand. It's a pleasingly lightweight handset, too.

It also has another Oppo speciality: a high-resolution selfie camera. The front-facing snapper has a 25MP resolution which means it easily takes excellent shots. On the back, there are dual cameras which are also very capable thanks to the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) to adjust exposure according to the subject you're shooting.

The design is striking, with two eye-catching colours to choose from: Mocha Red and Astral Blue, both with classy finishes which catch the light as you move them.

There are other outstanding statistics with this phone, like the 128GB storage inside. What connects them is that they're all higher specifications than most phones manage at this price point.

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The Oppo Find X

The Oppo Find X has the same size display as the other models in the range, 6.4 inches, but this one is higher-resolution so looks even better. In fact, pretty much everything is top-notch, including a 25MP selfie camera, twin rear cameras and a big, fast-charging battery. The processor is also very fast and the onboard storage is pretty generous, at 256GB. A special Game Space mode means you can prevent notifications from interrupting your gameplay. It even optimises memory to make the phone as fast as it can be while you play.

This is a real flagship phone that can hold its own against other brands but still manages a much lower price than some: it's £799.