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(Pocket-lint) - The Find X from Oppo is impressive: a gorgeous all-screen display, clever selfie camera, big battery, and super-fast charging. It's got powerful innards and will be priced £799 when it launched on 13 February 2019 (a couple of hundred less than we were expecting, which keeps it competitive despite its relatively high price). Here are our five top reasons to consider the Oppo Find X: 

Gorgeous all-screen display

The recent trend to big-screened phones has not been matched by evolution working to make our hands bigger, at least not quickly enough. So there's a contradiction between wanting the biggest screen but the smallest phone.

Most phones now have a "notch" out of the screen at the top where the camera sits but the Oppo Find X doesn't even have the tiniest notch: it really is all-screen. It means the phone can boast a 6.4in display but still actually fit in your hand.

The display covers 93.8 per cent of the phone's front, which is truly exceptional. It is high-resolution and looks good thanks to the way it gently curves down at the edges.

Clever selfie camera

But wait, you say, what about the front-facing camera if there's no notch? Don't worry, it's there but it's hidden inside, and it's also used for facial recognition. When you need it, such as when you take the phone out of your pocket to unlock it, a central part of the phone glides up to reveal the camera, checks it's you, unlocks the phone and slides back out of sight again.

It's pretty cool.

High-resolution cameras

That selfie camera is pretty powerful, as well. Not only can it unlock your phone but because it uses a 25-megapixel sensor, it takes tremendous selfies. Of course, sometimes you may possibly want to take pictures of other people, right? The twin rear cameras, also hidden during general use behind the phone’s case until needed, are powerful and work well. One is a 20-megapixel sensor and the other 16 megapixels, so both can deliver strong results. They shoot together to increase detail in the images and create neat effects. Both cameras have artificial intelligence features that recognise what’s in your frame and adjust accordingly to enhance the final picture.  

It has a big battery and super-fast charging

When a screen is as big as this you need a decent-sized battery to power it. The cell in the Oppo Find X is big enough to get you through a day with no problems but if you are a heavy user or just like the peace of mind that comes with a full battery, you can take further comfort from the way the Find X recharges fast, too.

A fast-charging battery means you won't worry so much if you forget to charge it overnight because you know you can top it up quickly. From zero to 50 per cent takes 15 minutes or from flat to full around 40 minutes, which is pretty remarkable.

It’s a fast, capable phone

The Oppo Find X has a very speedy processor that means this is a tremendously responsive phone. Everything works at lightning speed, from apps that pop open instantly to tackling more processor-heavy tasks like shooting video at top 4K resolution or playing intensive games. Speaking of games, this phone is optimised for keen players. It uses a system called Game Space which, as soon as you launch the title, frees up extra memory and reduces background work from other apps so that the gameplay is smooth, fast and stutter-free. It even silences notifications to remove distractions. The Oppo Find X is a real performer. 

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