Oppo will hold its MWC 2019 press event on Saturday in Barcelona.

It's expected to show off its 10X optical zoom phone camera in Europe for the first time. That makes sense considering the event is dubbed "Get Closer". Here's what else you can expect from Oppo during the show, as well as how you can watch everything unfold for yourself in real time.

When is Oppo's MWC 2019 event?

Oppo's event will start 2pm CET (Barcelona local time) on Saturday, 23 February. Here are the various local time around the globe:

  • 1pm London
  • 4pm Moscow
  • 6:30pm Mumbai
  • 9pm Beijing
  • 10pm Tokyo
  • 8am New York
  • 5am San Francisco

How to watch Oppo's MWC 2019 event

Oppo is live-streaming directly from its show in Barcelona via its website. If possible, we will embed the video feed here come event day.

What to expect from Oppo

Oppo is heavily tipped to show its own foldable phone concept for the first time. You see, the press in China each received an invite to the event that was folded in an interesting way, leading them to believe a foldable device could be part of the show. Of course, the fold might also refer to the zoom on a camera, expanding as you open it. In all likelihood, the camera will be the main tech on display.

But it's not unlike Oppo to give a glimpse of future product categories during MWC, so it could again this time.

What else is happing at MWC 2019?

Mobile World Congress doesn't open its doors on 25 February. Rhe weekend beforehand will host a number of events, not just Oppo's, though. We expect to see a new LG handset on the Sunday, for example, so join Pocket-lint across the whole MWC period to find out more about multiple manufacturers and their devices. For more about what we expect, see Pocket-lint's guide here.